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Facts on Akshardham Temple Delhi

Facts on Akshardham Temple Delhi

For centuries, Hindu temples and monuments have been the embodiment of Hindu culture, civilization, art and spirituality. The sole purpose of construction of temples has always been to display the fundamentals of their culture and the same tradition has been still been continuing.
Various trusts and societies like Bharat Sevashram and ISKCON (International society of Krishna consciousness) are pioneering this movement by establishing various temples. Akshardham Temple in Delhi is the result of such a movement. The building was moderated by Bochasanswi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha with the help of 3000 volunteers and 7000 artisans.
Architecture of the Akshardham Temple New Delhi
The temple is situated on the banks of the River Yamuna and was officially opened on 6th November 2005. The temple was built by following the guidelines of Vaastu shastra and Pancha Shastra (Ancient Hindu architectural scriptures). Many historical and mythical incidents are depicted in the walls of the temple. There are 20000 sculptures of deities and mythical characters.
The monument at the center of the temple is 141 ft high, 316 ft wide and 370 ft long. To get the idea of Middle age architecture many historical temples like Meenaxi, Konarak, Jagganath, Lingaraj and Ankorvat were carefully observed. Two important elements used for this establishment are the Rajasthan pink sandstone and Italian canarra marble stone. This establishment attracts a lot of people from Delhi and its nearby suburbs like Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ambala. A lot of tourists are also including this on their checklist.

Special Features of the Akshardham Temple New Delhi

Garden of India: Garden of India or "Bharat Upavan" is also an important feature of the temple. The garden consists of various shrubs, flowers and plants. There are also bronze sculptures of various historical figures, which include warriors, sages, philosophers, freedom fighters etc.
Boat ride: The "Sanskruti Vihar" is a boat ride which will take the visitors to see the models on ancient history. The models display the universities, markets and civilization of ancient India. The boat ride is an excellent endeavor of the trust to display the significance of Indian culture and civilization to the visitors.

Hall of value: The Hall of Value is also an important attempt. It shows different phases of the founder's life. Various modern techniques have been used to depict the life properly.

Theatre: The theatre is known as Neelkanth Kalyan Yatra. This part of the complex is used to send various messages to the visitor of this temple. Various documentaries are shown to viewers which display the organizations belief on ancient culture and civilization. There is special documentary on the life of Swami Nararyan (The founder of the organization), other than that there are documentaries on mystic India, reincarnation, Vedic civilization etc.

Musical fountain: The musical fountain or Yajna kund is also an interesting thing. Various mechanisms of fountains are used in this complex. The fountains are used to display various philosophies like circle of life, way to enlightenment and many others of the Hindu principles and beliefs. Employing the modern techniques, the Aksharadham Temple authority displays the Indian culture in an excellent way to the visitors.

Akshardham Temple Delhi : Making way to Guinness Book World Record
On 17th December in 2007, an adjudicator of Guinness Book of World record presented Swami Pramukh Maharaj, who initiated the idea of Akshardham temple, a certificate of the "The largest comprehensive Hindu temple" in the Indian subcontinent.
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Disputes regarding the Akshardham Temple Delhi
After the Guinness record approved Akshardham temple as "the largest comprehensive Hindu temple" in India, many south Indian temples like Meenaxi temple and Ranganathanswany temple claimed that they are larger than Akshardham temple

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