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Transportation throughout India:

India Travel Tips: The Ultimate Free Beginners Guide

Transportation throughout India

Indians drive on the left side of the road. Since the British influenced the first Indian cars they follow suit with driving on the left. Although, crazy driving often may lead to seeing people on the wrong side of the road.
Ride a train at least once in your trip. Only travel in 2AC or first class and make sure you book your tickets early enough that they’re not sold out. Trains are the best way to travel long distances if you’re on a budget. Avoid the food they provide except if it’s packaged.
Air travel is the most luxurious by far. If you can afford it, the most comfortable and obviously fastest way to get around is by plane.
Buses can be good if the journey isn’t too long. They are super cheap and usually don’t have AC so they’re going to be hot. If the ride is more than a few hours I recommend you go via train instead because it’s much more comfortable.
Traveling via an AC taxi is nice for shorter journeys if you can afford it. The car provides comfort with the windows up and the cool AC air but the zig-zagging can get a bit much if the trip is more than a couple of hours. If you value your life I recommend that you demand a working seat belt before you get in the car. Be persistent and they should be able to hook you up.
Auto rickshaw journeys are memorable to say the least! Auto rickshaw’s are great for short rides but I recommend ear plugs, sun glasses and a bandana or dust mask to avoid to much bombardment on the senses. Also it’s best to not ride one for more than 20 to 30 minutes or you’ll be exhausted.
As mentioned, try to avoid long journeys by road. The roads in India are wildly dangerous and often uncomfortably bumpy. If there is an option to get a plane, train or bus then I would take it instead. Otherwise you might get car sick or just really tired from all the insanity of weaving between head on traffic.
India can be overwhelming at first, but the slower you travel the easier things will be and the more you’ll come to understand the culture. Transportation on local buses and sleeper trains can add to stress levels if you change location every 2 days, so start slow and get to know each town you visit for at least a week before moving on to another. To love India, you have to accept even it’s flaws. Be open minded.
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